Saturday Chinese School

Schedule: Saturdays 9:00 a.m. ~ 12:00 p.m.

Saturday Chinese School
Cloverly Elementary School
5476 Cloverly Ave
Temple City, CA 91780

AA Academy offers a Saturday Chinese Program for students to develop and enhance their Chinese language skills.  Our Saturday Chinese program is an intensive Chinese program with classes that range from the non-Chinese speaker to our advanced Chinese classes.  This allows us to place students in an appropriate setting where they will benefit by learning with students which are at a similar Chinese language level.  Our classes are taught using the pin yin system that incorporates phonics to make learning Chinese natural and accessible by all students regardless of background.  Chinese is available for testing as a subject on the SAT II and gives students a head start on preparing for their college admissions. Students not only learn to read, write, and speak Chinese but are able to learn more about Chinese culture and traditions which promote cultural awareness and tolerance.  Learning Chinese allows students to be more open minded and view the world in a different aspect which enables them to have a deeper understanding of the world. 
·         Intensive Chinese program to develop and enhance Chinese language skills
·         Wide range of classes from the non-Chinese speaker to our advanced Chinese classes
·         Pin Yin system promotes a natural and accessible learning system regardless of background
·         Chinese is available for testing on the SAT II and AP exams
·         Promotes cultural awareness and tolerance

Chinese Conversation
Chinese Thematic Lessons