Summer Program

The Problem: Summer learning loss. 
Learning is best when done in a continuous cycle.  Summer breaks this cycle and as a result student learning suffers.  In the best situations student’s retain the same learning and remain at the same educational level when they end school.  Realistically, students suffer by forgetting key concepts that they have learned during the school year and lose proficiency in subject areas due to a lack of practice.  Summer learning loss not only puts students at an academic disadvantage compared to students who have continued to learn but also at a social disadvantage due to the lack of social interaction among peers.  These results in students being less prepared for the following school year both academically and socially.

The Solution: AA Academy Summer Program
AA Academy’s summer program not only combats summer learning loss through our rich academic curriculum but also provides an opportunity for student’s to make lasting memories and friends.  We focus on giving students a head start for the new school year by doing English and Math enrichment by teaching new concepts that help students build on skills they have learned throughout the school year.  This not only allows students to stay sharp on learned academics but introduces new concepts and ideas that will enable students to have a clear advantage over their peers once school begins.
Additionally, AA Academy does interactive science, history, and art activities that are not only mentally students but are enjoyable to students.  Our summer program is a place for students to make lasting memories and friendships through many of our activities and field trips which promote positive social interactions.  We have taken field trips to the Los Angeles Zoo, bowling alley, swimming, and recreational activities that allow students to enjoy the summer weather with a supportive group of teachers and staffs along with their new found friends.  Only by being academically and socially successful can students truly succeed as upstanding citizens within their schools and communities. 

Chinese Summer Flyer
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