Friday, February 17, 2012

Digital Chinese Learning 全美中文學院學生上课和老師進修實况

Twenty five years ago most people had never heard of the internet.  Today, computers and the internet have become everyday tools in our lives.  It is only natural to incorporate computers into the way we learn and absorb new material.  By using computers to teach Chinese to our students we allow them to learn Chinese in a way that they can relate and identify with.  Since technology is constantly changing, AA Academy is constantly training teachers in the latest digital technology and tools.  By doing so, we empower our teachers with the ability to teach Chinese in a way that can relate to the 21st century.  Learning a language enables students to communicate with more people.  Computers eliminate physical and distance boundaries.  By coupling Chinese with computer aided learning, students will be able to connect and communicate with an additional 1.3 billion who use Chinese as their daily language. 


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